Photo of some craft materials, to show Sabrena's interest in lifehacking


Simplifying everything is pretty much my goal in life. Since arriving in San Francisco, I’ve been having fun doing DIY projects and creating little life hacks that help us live better.

As part of the deal of living in this city, we’ve also found ourselves living in a tiny downtown studio apartment with barely enough space for all of us. I made it my mission to use clever mods and little tricks to make it never feel that way.

Even though I’ve always had a passion for optimizing processes and objects, I really enjoyed working on putting our home together. Whether it’s opting for modular furniture (like trolleys that put everything we need for cooking within easy reach, but that can rolled away when we need to eat), or optimizing space by using pegboards and hanging objects, I’ve learned a lot about making use of what you have.

I’m always amazed at how we’ve been able to cook up a feast almost everyday at home in our tiny kitchen that’s also our bedroom and living room, yet never once feel sticky or greasy or smelly after. That we’re able to make ice cream, bread, yogurt, and all types of dishes we love, with the minimal equipment and items we possess, also gives me joy.

My wife sometimes says I might be a queer mashup between Marie Kondo and Martha Stewart. That’s… somewhat true, I guess?