Photo of a dog and a cat on a bed

Meet Cookie and Mila

We have a dog (Cookie) and a cat (Mila). They’re both senior pets, which means we spend most of our time enjoying a relatively calm home life with two pets who would rather snooze and graze, than clamber all over our heads.

Cookie is ten, and Adrianna’s had her since she was a baby. She’s lived an eventful life, too, having moved around quite a bit. She’s lived in three countries, and she possesses an EU Pet Passport. She likes long walks, berries, begging random strangers for their brunch, and squirrels.

Mila is twelve, and we initially adopted her as a companion for Cookie (Cookie grew up with kittens, and loves cats). That plan didn’t really work out: Mila has a strong personality and Cookie isn’t used to sharing our attention, but they get along anyway. They team up when there’s food or cuddles to be had.

We’ve often found our couch and bed to be much too small for four of us, but that’s kind of fun (most times).